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Table Mountain in Cape Town

Table Mountain is a unique natural world heritage site situated inland from Cape Point. This flat topped mountain is 1,084.6 m high and is an attraction that sees visitors from all over the world.
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About Table Mountain:

Table Mountain is a unique land form in Cape Town. The Mountain forms part of the Table Mountain National Park. The Mountain is a natural world heritage site and features a level plateau that is around 3 kilometres long.

Cable Cars are operational between 08:00 and 17:30 daily. An ideal time to visit if you dislike waiting in quees is during 14:00 and 16:00 as it is least busy. It is possible to buy tickets online, they are valaid for 14 days. Please note that bookings are not possible as the cable car requires optimal weather conditions in order to operate.

Activities on Table Mountain:

Table Mountain Cape Town offers the option of riding a cable car to the top or to the bottom. There are prices for return tickets as well as one way tickets for the more adventurous who are wanting to climb table mountain.

Hiking: there are a variety of hiking trails along the mountain with varying dificulty levels along with the option of climbing either up or down the mountain.

Cave Exploration: there are several caves on Table Mountiain that can be explored. The caves on Table Mountain are unusual as they are formed from sandstone as apposed to the more common limestone.

Rock climbing:
Rock climbing is the one of the more popular activities on Table Mountain and most of it is located below the cable car station. Rock climbing on Table Mountain is available in varying diffuculty levels so everyone can partake.

Mountain biking:
the top of Table Mountain consists of many jeep trails which are perfect for mountain bikes.

Kings Block house: this is one of three block houses that were built here many years ago and it is the only one that is still in decent condition.

Along with all of the above mentioned, there are various view points, curio shops and a restaurant at the top of Table Mountain.

Table Mountain Rates

  Return One way
Adult R215.00 R115.00
Children (Under 18 years) R105.00 R55.00
Children (Under 4 years) Free Free


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